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Introduction to Our Store

The Store of the Intangible Asset Finance Society is where you can purchase archived recordings of the Mission: Intangible Montly Briefings, download select white papers, and purchase books by Society members. It is also the portal for Society Members to pay their annual membership fees with a credit card.

What You Need to Know to Use Our Store

Educational Content. Browse the catalogs and select those programs or white papers you wish to download; or the books you wish to buy and have shipped. After your payment has cleared, you will receive an email from the Society with links that will allow you to download your files. You will also receive an email receipt.

Go directly to the store's catalog list to browse.

How We Accept Payment

The Society uses Google Merchant services. This is an efficient user-friendly product that provides us with a range of services that enable us to fulfill our mission at a low cost. Google Merchant services requires that you have an active Gmail account.

If you do not have one, it takes only a few minutes to create one and is free. You do not need to use, nor create a Gmail address to create a Gmail account. Benefits of having a Gmail account include instant access to other Google web services such as their free email and their free web alerts.

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