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Monthly Briefing 2013-05

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Program: Herbicides for Digital Forget-Me-Nots

To deal with the problem of people hearing or seeing things best not heard nor seen, the Men in Black used a neuralyzer to wipe the memory of a target or witness. The silicon of the world wide web is resilient, so more powerful tools are needed when inaccurate or biased information appears or when a reinvention is desired.

Joining our conversation are Shannon M. Wilkinson, Founder and CEO, Reputation Communications; and Michael D. Greenberg, Director of RAND’s Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance, and a member of the Society's Reputation Leadership Council.

Jonathan Salem Baskin,  author of Tell the Truth, and Managing Director, Consensiv, moderates. Learn more.

If you want to appreciate how reputations can be made to come and go, you'll want to listen to this conversation.

Product contents: MP3 audio file (~1 hour) and PDF slides (~4).

Monthly Briefing 2013-05