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The Intangible Asset Finance Society is the premier global resource for professionals seeking enterprise-wide strategies that foster an ethical and innovative business culture, increase the quality, safety, sustainability and security of goods and services, and enhance reputations.

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The Society continues its MISSION:INTANGIBLE MONTHLY BRIEFING call-in hosted by both a member of the Reputation Leadership Council and by program moderator, Jonathan Salem Baskin.

: Internet telephony options now available.

Program Redesign: After more than five years of telephonic monthly broadcasts, the Society is taking a strategic breather. 

The Society thanks attorney Jim Singer and the law firm of Fox Rothschild LLP, for supporting IAFS through pro bono legal advice in intellectual property matters.

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Latest Publication


"Has Google’s professed mission to “Do No Evil,” like BP’s mantra of “Beyond Petroleum,” set stakeholders’ expectations beyond what the company can reasonably achieve?," asks  Jonathan Salem Baskin.


Intangible asset values represent more than half of the value of the median publicly traded company; their loss is a corporate existential peril. The examples are, unfortunately, too numerous and generally well known.  

Browse the Society's blog, MISSION:INTANGIBLE for authoratitive quantitative analyses of the intangible asset and reputation value stories behind the headlines.


For a deeper look at the numbers, read the book, Reputation, Stock Price, and You: Why the market rewards some companies and punishes others.